Ashes and Orbs


Small   $95.00    ~ 8"h x 3.5"w

Large  $175.00    ~ 12"h x 4"w 


Small  $40.00       ~ 2" 

Medium  $60.00   ~ 3"

Large  $75.00       ~ 4"


Small  $50.00   ~3"

Large  $65.00   ~4"


All of the urns are custom. Please call or email Zion 208.761.6402 to create your piece of Ash Glass. 



The ash platters are also custom. Please call or email Zion to create your piece of art.

Thank you for connecting with Zion Warne Studios. If you would like to order a piece of glass art with ashes placed inside, please contact us.  Give us a call or email (contact form below). If you decide to email, give us a little description of what your ideas are and the best way that we can contact you. We will have someone connect with you to discuss your order. 

Here are a couple things you can do to help create your Ash glass. 

What shape would you like?

Would you like color? If so, what color or colors would you like? 

We have a few different shapes that you can choose (listed below) and every color that you can think of. 



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