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Please excuse our class schedule. In the summer it can be to hot to work in the studio. Please connect back in the fall.


Private Lessons

 This is one on one instruction where you can create your ideas with the help of an experienced 

glass artist. You will learn all the skills needed to make a variety of forms such as paperweights, 

vases and bowls.  

All materials provided

No experience necessary

$60.00 hour


Lesson for Two

This is a special class designed for two people who will be working together as a team.  After a brief 

demo, each student will make their choice of a vase or bowl.  Various techniques will be taught that involve

 both people, such as wrapping hot glass bits around a vase.  This is the perfect way to learn how to blow

 glass and have fun!  

All materials provided

No experience necessary



Lesson for Three

After receiving a demo and exploring the tools you will help each other sculpt a glass piece. From a paperweight to a small vase you will be able to pick up a piece the next day and love it!


All materials provided

No experience necessary



Lesson for Four

Helping each other sculpt a glass piece is a great date night! Coming in for 2.5-3 hours of glassblowing fun! From paperweights to vases and bowls. Grab a partner and a couple friends and come blow some glass!!

All  materials provided

No experience necessary 



Team building workshop

Get a group together and blow some glass! This is a great way for either a group of friends or a team of co-workers to come together and work as a unit. Everyone being at one point and that is the 2000 degrees of glass coming out of the furnace. Everyone can create a piece while others help with their idea. Being able to tell someone what you need in the moment and them helping you. With no hesitation. Trust,Union, and friendship coming together to create something. Everyone will have a piece to pick up the next day.


All materials provided 

No experience necessary

$250.00 (deposit) amount depends on how many people and what item your wanting to create. 

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