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Team building workshop

Get a group together and blow some glass! This is a great way for either a group of friends or a team of co-workers to come together and work as a unit. Everyone being at one point and that is the 2000 degrees of glass coming out of the furnace. Everyone can create a piece while others help with their idea. Being able to tell someone what you need in the moment and them helping you. With no hesitation. Trust,Union, and friendship coming together to create something. Everyone will have a piece to pick up the next day.


All materials provided 

No experience necessary

$250 (deposit) The price total will be given to you when you make arrangements with Zion. Pricing will depend on how many people and what you would like to make. The $250 is just a deposit and not your total. Please call us if you would like more information. After you buy your class you can schedule your class with us online.

Team Building Workshop

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